Tech Savy

Currently trying to learn as much about the tech industry as possible.

  • Coding in HTML/CSS
  • Coding in JavaScript
  • Experience managing Servers/ networks
  • Trouble shooting Computer/networks
  • managing user profiles
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Hands On

I like to get down and dirty. Making things is what I love to do.

  • Carpentry
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Crafting
  • Art
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A life long student of any discipline I can make time for.

  • El Camino Community College
  • Bryan University
  • Cal State Long Beach
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Since 1993

Who am I???

I am 32 year old male. Son of Mexican immigrants. I resided in lynwood california. I am interested in many things. I love growing my own food, raising animals, and learning new skills. I have an adaptive personality and learn very quickly. I'm always top 10% of my class in anything I do. I am a problem solver. I get the greatest pleasure in breaking down problems and putting together multiple plans to solve them. the more intricate the problem the more excited I am at solving it.


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