About Me

Ruben Cervantes

Was born 1987 to mexican immigrants Dolores and Ruben Cervantes. Grew up in Lynwood Ca. and attended public schools there till his graduation of Lynwood High School in 2005. Dabbling in kitchen work, car sales and construction gigs for a couple of months Ruben then decided to join the United States military. Graduating from USN boot camp and Master at arms A school in march 2006, he was stationed in Portsmouth Virginia as base security. During his time in the navy he learned to drive boats, shoot and maintain a large variety of weapons and transport explosives. In 2008 he was deployed to Afghanistan as a military intelligence analyst.  In 2009 he was honorably discharged from the military and moved back to Los Angeles.

He became a personal training certified by the National Academy of Sports medicine and later got a degree in applied Kinesiology at Bryan University.

After many years of being a personal trainer Ruben decided on going to school to get his degree in business administration: information systems. He currently taking classes at Cal State University Long Beach.

My Skill Tree

I believe that a person should learn as much as they can in life and gain a wealth of experience. Then they should refine the skills they excel at to become a master.


Fitness Training

Personal Trainer

Nutrition Specialist

  • Trained Hundreds of people
  • expert at designing strength training programs
  • Helped many design diets
  • Meal prepper

Carpentry and Construction

Custom Furniture
Cabinets, Dressers etc

  • hobbiest Crafter
  • custom furniture
    • tables
    • benches
    • toy chest
    • blanket chest
    • drawers
  • framing
  • landscaping
  • masonry


Webdesign, Hardware, Cyber Security, IT Admin

  • IT Admin 2 offices over 20 computers and one server
  • Policy admin
  • Website design
  • Website admin

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